Best Gardens of Chandigarh

Chandigarh is India’s well constructed city. Its architecture is world class and unparalleled, and offers a good quality of living conditions. This place is a dream project of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and Le Corbusier. This is the very first planned city in India. It was rightfully named the “Beautiful City” because it is not just rich but also prosperous of spic and span and green nature. It definitely lives up to its branding.

The Chandigarh is also known as the Garden City of India. They have a wide collection of garden plants all well maintained. Cleanliness greatly adds beauty to the surroundings. The locals love to be in touch with nature and the cosmos and they manifest this by keeping their environment clean. The Chandigarh was even proclaimed the World’s Rock Garden and the Largest Rose Garden in Asia. Because of this, Chandigarh has always been in the list of favorite spots to visit around the world.

Rock Garden Chandigarh

This is the premier attraction in Chandigarh since 1958. It was created by Nek Chand Saini. This was formed out of the urban waste materials found in the city. These urban wastes include tin cans, bottles, plates, broken plugs and saucers. These materials were formed into beautiful textures and patterns. There were many materials were formed out of these wastes. The place has series of chamber but the first phase is a small canyon. The place has broken ceramics of human and animal form.

Chandigarh Botanical gardens

There were two botanical gardens in the place – Botanical Garden of Punjab University and another one between Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake. These botanical gardens are the main attractions of the place. The Punjab University Botanical garden is a place full of cacti and succulent plants. It has both evergreen and exotic plants. Lotus flowers are also abundant.

The Botanical garden between Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake has rare species of plants and pools of small lilies. This is a big garden with a total area of 88 acres. There is one botanical garden still to be developed up to now. It also grows trees that offer medicinal value and indigenous species of plants.

Chandigarh Bougainvillea Park

This is one garden where you can find all varieties of bougainvillea flowers. This was created in 1976. There are 65 varieties of bougainvillea in this place. This also has creepers that contain collection of arches, pavilions, bowers and arcades. This place has been famous because of the bougainvillea show held here annually.

Fitness Trail and Flower Garden

This is created mainly for physical fitness in 1965. Now it has been transformed to a very beautiful garden, with many gorgeous seasonal flowers to see. There are also wonderful sculptures adorned throughout the area that adds to the relaxing ambiance. This garden offers scenic beauty with the natural combination of physical exercise and beauty.

Garden of Fragrance

This is another garden that draws a big number of guests everyday. It offers plants with sweet fragrances and aroma. It houses varieties of jasmine, Haar Shingar, motia, Raat ki rani, demask roase, Champa and mehndi. This place has a nice picnic spot for you to enjoy. People can do work out in here because there are also tracks placed in the garden.

Chandigarh is definitely second home to nature lovers.

Conservatory Furniture: For Perfect Outdoor Furnishing

If you are considering to expand the boundaries of your home or want to create more space, then you can consider using the garden as a place to entertain your guests or even relax and read, eat or drink coffee/tea or other beverages. It is not only a great experience but perhaps is a new way of expanding your space. People who have a conservatory or garden are increasingly using the space for good purpose and it is becoming popular even in big cities. Instead of the conventional furniture you can also opt for the Conservatory Furniture in your garden to give it a unique feel and ambience that will seduce your guests.

Your conservatory or garden needs to be furnished differently from your sitting or drawing rooms. So, the furniture you choose for the conservatory or garden must be selected carefully as you cannot use ordinary furniture. Remember you are using the outside space for creating something like a living room, but you must not use furniture that you normally use for indoor furnishing as it would look very odd. Your furniture must create an ambiance and atmosphere of leisure which gives an outdoor feel complimenting nature. Conservatory Furniture will be proper furniture as it will complement your outside space to the ‘T’.

You can get the liberty of using your garden or conservatory as a space for relaxation when your guests come. You can also experiment by mixing and matching your furniture to suit the outside taste. Simple garden furniture like garden hammocks, stools, benches, chairs and sofas can make your outdoor sitting arrangement look quite different and will also give ability of making a lasting impression on your guests. You can consider using Conservatory Furniture for this purpose.

You must remember while using the outside space like a garden or conservatory to create a living space that you will also need furniture that fits the outside surrounding. The furniture you will be using outside is subjected to a lot of natural elements like sun, rains, winds and dust. The furniture will have to withstand all the wear and tear; you must choose furniture that is durable for outside use. When you buy Conservatory Furniture, make sure that it has good workmanship along with high quality material and style that can weather all these elements.

The Conservatory Furniture that have been used for many years is made up of cane, rattan and wicker as these materials give a natural feeling and a fresh look to your garden or the conservatory. Your conservatory furniture must be protected from the direct rays of the sun. So, using a blind would be a great idea otherwise if the furniture is exposed to the direct sunlight it will lose its luster and will age faster.

Why Choose Prefinished Hardwood Flooring?

Both prefinished and site-finished flooring add value to your home. Below, we take a closer look at prefinished flooring and the many benefits they provide their owners.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance
Installing prefinished hardwood flooring is fast and simple. Already surfaced and coated in a factory setting, it doesn’t have to be sanded and finished in your home or office, which is handy if your project is on a tight schedule. As a result, installation costs are also cheaper.

Enhanced Durability
Prefinished flooring has many coatings and strengtheners put on it using a UV-curing technology that falls within firmly controlled factory settings. This makes the floors long-lasting, especially since oftentimes, the finishing comes under manufacturer’s warranty. Factory-applied surface finishes also tend to be free of swirl marks, brush hair, etc., and these uniformly applied durable finishes don’t carry an odor. In addition, prefinished wood floors are a lot easier to look after when they do require upkeep. Routine cleanup is just a matter of mopping or sweeping once a week.

Elimination of Toxicity
Prefinished wood flooring is a hypoallergenic flooring option. Installation of this kind usually means less noise and mess, as well as zero toxins and nasty smells that are inevitable when conventional floors are installed. This can be a key advantage for heavily trafficked areas or families with children, pets or people with asthma and other allergies.

Scratch-resistant Quality
Prefinished flooring is very scratch-resistant and durable. As a result of highly accurate manufacturing techniques, combined with computer-operated application of urethane surface finishes, this kind of flooring is up to 10 times more scratch- and abrasion-resistant than unfinished wood flooring.

Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of colors, designs and types of wood. It doesn’t matter how diverse or particular your preferences are, there’s always an option available for your home or office with prefinished hardwood floors.

Punch of Style
The look of hardwood floors adds character to your home or office space, while making it appear spacious and lighter. Hardwood floors bring the beauty, warmth and value of real wood to your home or office, and they never go out of fashion and style.

A DIY flooring project could take several weeks or months, but a professional wood flooring company can do everything from preparing the underlay to polishing off the floor and clearing up the mess in half the time. They have all the professional tools and knowledge of the best techniques to use. They can also help you pick out the right type of wood for your space.

Electric Motor Suppliers in the Midst of Cut Throat Competition

Automobile manufacturing industry is changing at a rapid pace, all thanks to globalization. With each passing quarter, the competition is getting more intense unleashing price wars and sometimes even leading to a soft look over the stringent quality controls. The ongoing upheaval is certainly helpful for the buyers who are able to make their regular purchase at never before prices, however, it is seriously denting the profits margins of the suppliers.

Frost and Sullivan has recently released a report where in they have re-emphasized that globalisation has placed extreme cost pressures on producers, requiring them to outsource low-cost manufacturing processes outside America.

Other than the costing issues another issue which is bothering the manufacturers is the stringent carbon emission guideline. Every day new technologies are being tried out to come up with something which is able to meet environmental policy challenges within a stipulated budget assigned.

One segment which is more worried out of the entire lot is that of electric motor manufacturers. Many electric motors suppliers insist that that any negative dip in their profit margin could have wide spread repercussion across the industry. By definition, an electric motor is a device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. This makes them one of the most basic and most required electronic component for almost every industry specially automotive.They are mostly used in rotating machines such as fans, turbines, drills, the wheels on electric cars, locomotives and conveyor belts.

Electric motor suppliers think that prices would get stabilised with a quarter or two as price war as a strategy could not be sustained over a loner period of time.

Every story has two sides and this one too isn’t an exception. Emerging manufacturing destination hubs like India, South American countries along with China have a happy problem of – plenty. Too many clients want to set up their offshore manufacturing unit and some even have unrealistic expectations from their vendors. These countries are the sure beneficiaries of the current crisis.

Trade Pundits say that eventually electric motors industry will emerge out of this strongly due to its wide spread usage and a huge scope specially in the home appliances, military equipments and industrial productions.

Industry analysts unanimously hope that electric motor suppliers would be able to survive this highly competitive phase and emerge as profitable as before.